About us


We are professional but playful, offering timeless designs while knowing what’s happening on the streets. We strive to create items that capture your lifestyle. Driven by our firm focus and work ethic we design products that have their own identity with a defining edge.

We believe in ambition, confidence, distinction and exclusivity, it's part of who we are, what we do. MAEL serves those who are in tune with these beliefs and are curious to explore that path of creativity with us. High quantity is not what we aim for, we take great pride in creating selective amounts of consistent, high quality products for an exclusive demand.


Mael is an old French word for ‘prince’. We’re young, but cut from the same material as the ‘royal’ high fashion designers. We’re ambitious, but learning from the best as we grow. We’re professional, while remaining creative and playful.


We are a young team, primarily based in Amsterdam, but working with great minds all over Europe. We work with an amazing designer from Italy, where we also produce our bags. Our clothes and shoes are designed in-house and produced in Portugal. By keeping our team small and production lines short, we are able to create the best products.